What are the Most Common Errors in Purchasing Printing Supplies?

- Jun 25, 2018-

How many do you know about purchasing printing supplies? The printing supplies market is a mixed bag. If you are not careful, you will buy counterfeit and consumable supplies. You may be obliged to buy small and cheap goods, or be honest and behave in a safe manner. In fact, many users in the purchase of printing supplies is a bit blind, this article to introduce to you a few common errors in the purchase of printing supplies.

Misunderstanding of printing consumables: purchasing general consumables does not pay attention to the brand

When purchasing general-purpose consumables, consumers are most likely to make mistakes without brand awareness. In fact, the general supplies of different brands, there are still very big differences in their quality, the most obvious is the printing effect, such as: whether there is infiltration, a clear sense of graphic hierarchy, there is no color cast or distortion.

Misunderstanding of printing consumables 2: Original consumables are better than general consumables

It is truth that the lies have been repeated a thousand times. The purpose of making "original myths" by the international consumable giants is only one purpose: to form monopolies and to make huge profits. As we all know, the price of original consumables is 30%~70% higher than that of general consumables, and the profitable space is large enough to be imagined. The rhetoric that sustains this huge profit is "quality" - this one full of righteousness.

Misunderstanding of printing consumables 3: The cheapest you can buy consumables, the better?

Many filling inks have no brand guarantee. The only advantage is that they are inexpensive. However, the chemical properties of these inks often do not match the original ink cartridges of the printer, and they are prone to chemical reaction and cause agglomeration, resulting in clogging of the print head. It is best for business users to use cartridges that are quality-assured, reasonably priced, and service-friendly.

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