What is a Printer Fuser?

- Feb 11, 2018-

A printer fuser is the part of any laser printer or copier that makes the toner ink stick to the paper. A fuser consists of two heated rollers, and it often is the main culprit in breakdowns. Without it, though, toner ink would constantly smudge and would become illegible after hands touched it.

Laser printer Fuser or copier Fuser is important for printing. Ink cartridges first disperse the ink into photos, gloss paper, or any print that is being printed. At this point, the ink is very unstable, because it sits on top of the paper and has not integrated with the paper yet. This wet ink immediately flows between the two rollers. Due to the heat and pressure of the fuser, the ink is integrated into the paper and will not be easily soiled.

These rollers cause why a sheet of paper heats up when it comes out of a printer or copier. The reason printers typically take a minute or two to heat is because they use quartz tube lamps in each drum to reach the proper temperature. This feature requires the maximum amount of power throughout the process. When the ink encounters the fuser, the ink is wet and easily soiled, so the rollers are covered with Teflon to keep the ink from sticking to the rollers instead of the paper.

The heat of the printer fuser and many moving parts is why it often causes malfunctions. An overheated fuser may pose a serious threat to the paper as it may burn each piece of paper and even melt the electronics inside the printer. Each fixer has a thermostat that turns off when the temperature reaches a certain high temperature, which allows the fuser to cool down. Dust and dirt can also cause a fuser failure, but this problem can be solved by cleaning the drum with a clean, dry cloth. Knowing these things can help prevent frustration and expensive repairs.

Without the printer fuser and its two rollers, the newly printed paper can be messy. Its pressure and heat are the secrets of the speed and accuracy of home-use laser printers and copiers. This heat and stress does cause frequent problems, but these problems can be easily solved by proper care. The toner and ink created the image we saw on the paper, but the printer fuser is the most important component of any printing device.


Editor’s Note: This post was Updated by Proffisy on 11 Feb,2018.