What is A Split Ink Cartridge?

- Apr 18, 2018-

A split cartridge is a product that separates the printhead from the cartridge design. The starting point of this structural design is mainly to reduce the printing cost, because the ink cartridge is not integrated in the print head, and when the ink cartridge is invalid, the print head can continue to be used, and at the same time, the user's disassembly process of the ink cartridge is simplified, and the number of pairs is reduced. The opportunity for human-induced damage to the printer; however, the structure of this ink cartridge is also obviously flawed, that is, the nozzle will not be updated in time. With the increase of the working time of the printer, the quality of the printer will naturally decline until the nozzle becomes bad. Epson's products are mostly split cartridges. Such ink cartridges are lower in cost than integrated ink cartridges, but such cartridges do not allow the user to casually charge the ink. In the split cartridge, according to the color of the situation can be divided into monochrome ink cartridges and multi-color ink cartridges. Monochrome cartridges are individually packaged for each color, and which color to use for which one can be used without waste. A multi-color ink cartridge means that a variety of colors are packaged in a single ink cartridge. If one color is used up, the entire ink cartridge must be replaced even if other colors are available. Obviously, monochrome ink cartridges are more economical.

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