What is Page yield or Duty Cycle?

- Jul 21, 2018-

Some printers indicate that their maximum working period is 100000 pages. It is suggested that the monthly working cycle is 2000-5000 pages. Why is it different? What does the maximum working cycle of laser printers mean? One is made by HP, the other is made by Lexmark or Kyocera Mita.

Maximum working cycle - and different printers

The maximum rated monthly cycle of the LexmarkLexmark T650n inventory photo is 200000 Pages - but they suggest that the monthly pages of these printers are actually between 3000-20000 pages. HP's printer has a monthly working life of 225000 pages, with a print volume of 3000-1500 pages.

So what is the maximum working cycle?

Obviously, the maximum monthly cycle is not a real number that affects the number of pages you should print for one month. Some ideas indicate that the maximum monthly period may be related to the number of pages you print in one month without causing any malfunction or permanent damage.

Because the working cycle of the printer varies greatly between manufacturers, and because the maximum number of each company is different from the recommended number, it is very limited to decide whether to buy a printer or not.

However, do not purchase printers with a maximum working period of 2000 pages per month, and print 5000 pages regularly. The printer can't bear such a high rate of use. Parts will expend earlier than expected service life, and may make you spend more in service calls.


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