What Is Paper Feeding Method?

- Mar 29, 2018-

The paper feed method refers to the way in which the printer obtains the required paper when performing a print job. In general, paper feeding methods are divided into two types: manual feeding and automatic feeder feeding.

When the manual feed is in printing, the user holds the paper directly from the printer's paper feed port. However, manual feeding can only feed one sheet at a time, which is very inefficient. If the printing volume is large, especially when continuous printing is performed, the working efficiency will be seriously affected, and even if the printer has a faster printing speed, it is useless.

Automatic feeding refers to feeding the printer through a certain automatic mechanism. The most common method is to use the input tray to feed paper. Automatic paper feeding can make printing more convenient and can improve work efficiency, especially when it is continuously printed. Therefore, the paper capacity is the most important technical indicator of the paper feed tray. In general, the paper feed tray The paper capacity is directly proportional to the print speed of the product.

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