What’s the Difference Between Brother TN330 and TN360 Toner

- Aug 01, 2018-

You may have been wondering about the Brother TN330 and TN360 toner cartridges mentioned in the manual, after implementing the boot box with the new Brother printer only produces about 1000 pages. Once you understand the differences below, making the right choice can save you money.

It is certain that the output of the starter box is surprisingly reduced compared to standard cartridges. Brothers are not the only manufacturers to do this because they all want you to quickly get into cartridge replacement and keep the initial cost of the printer, without disappointing when the box doesn't include everything to start with.

Despite this, the brothers are one of the few people who offer different types of cartridges, such as the TN330 or TN360. Their printers are mainly played in two groups: the first group is those who want to find the lowest cost alternatives to get them out of the present. Lack of toner; another group is those who are who. Willing to pay more for the cartridge and need to be replaced less.

Of course, all of this assumes that Xinge printer users are convinced that they only need brother-branded toner to maintain print quality or to protect the printer's warranty.

Therefore, for those who check the manual, the question is whether the TN330 is enough or should it be transferred to TN360. Are these completely interchangeable? What's more, can you get high-quality printouts with other company-made ink cartridges to fit these brother printers?

The first thing to admit is that printer manufacturers follow the ISOIEC standard for toner sheet yields at 5% coverage. We explained the issue of page yield in this article. This actually allows ordinary users to compare the number of pages they should get from different cartridges and different manufacturers.

For many brother printer models that use the TN330 or TN360 toner cartridges, the starter box yields approximately 1,000 pages. This assumes that you are printing a relatively standard text-based document.

A brother TN330 cartridge was rated 1500 pages at the same 5% coverage. On the other hand, the production of the TN360 toner cartridge will reach 2,600 times, almost double the original.

So, suppose that in a year, you print out two sheets of paper, 10 sheets each. That is 10,000 pages. If you use the TN330 cartridge, you will burn 6.66 completely.

Suppose you bought TN360 cartridges because they are completely interchangeable, but you get more toner in these toners. That is probably 3.865 bullets.

More importantly, according to industry estimates, each cartridge is responsible for consuming 5-9 pounds of raw materials and resources. Therefore, by reducing the number of cartridges required to print a given number of pages, the impact on the Earth's limited resources can be reduced.

Finally, printing the best value and quality is what most of us want to go. Since the problems with the TN330 brothers and the TN360 toner cartridge are now on hold, it makes sense to get a large capacity TN360 cartridge and use extra money for more interesting things.

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Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 01 Aug,2018.