What Is Transmission Speed Of Fax Machine?

- May 14, 2018-

Transmission speed refers to the time it takes for a fax to send a standard A4 size manuscript, usually divided into: 23 seconds, 18 seconds, 15 seconds, 9 seconds, and 6 seconds.

The length of the sending time depends on the modem speed, circuit format, and software programming used by the fax machine. Medium- and low-end fax machines have a maximum modem speed of 9600 bits per second and can be automatically adjusted to 7200/4800/2400 bits per second, while high-end fax machines have a maximum speed of 14400 bits per second. The maximum transmission time is up to 6 second. Sending time less than 9 seconds is a high-end fax machine. The shorter the transmission time, the higher the transmission efficiency, and if more files are sent each time, the telecom costs incurred will be lower.

General users should use a fax machine with a transmission time of no more than 15 seconds. Because the fax machine of this file does not need more than one minute to actually transmit one page of A4 size file under the normal operation of the sending and receiving parties, the telecommunication fee for long-distance fax is only priced in one minute, otherwise Even if it exceeds 1 second, it will be priced in 2 minutes and the long-distance charges will be doubled.

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