Which printer is better? Canon or Epson?

- Nov 07, 2018-

When considering buying a new printer, it is wise to consider maintenance issues, total cost of ownership, and overall characteristics before making a final decision. Some printers may appear competitively priced, just spending more time and money on maintenance and lack of features.

Although Epson and Canon both offer high quality printers, there are six points to consider between deciding between Epson and Canon printers.

Canon has a user-replaceable printhead. The user can replace the printhead in about 10 minutes. Epson needs a technician to arrange on-site visits and costs about $1,200. Epson's head is very durable, but it won't last forever.

Canon thermal heads will not block. Epson printer heads are prone to blockage. The Canon head will clean itself if it is clogged. Epson's boss doesn't think so. Canon's thermal technology (hot) tends to keep nozzles cleaner than the piezoelectric designs used by Epson.

Canon has a built-in density meter; the printer is reinstalled when the environment changes or when the printhead is replaced. Epson needs a technology to access printers and external electronic tools. This process usually takes a few hours and is expensive. It takes 10 minutes for Canon to reposition itself.

Canon offers a PS image processing software plugin that allows you to print in true 16 bits.

Canon is fast.

Canon has a media configuration tool that allows you to import custom profiles for any third-party media into the print driver and printer firmware. You can name any media you like on the driver and printer console. Epson does not allow this.


Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 07th Nov,2018.