Why Are Printer Ink Cartridges So Expensive?

- Dec 17, 2018-

As adult consumers, we have to budget for daily consumer goods, such as ink cartridges. Why are cartridges so expensive? Although you may think that ink itself is expensive, it is actually more related to marketing research conducted by big brand printer companies, and the profit is higher than the cost of raw resources.

When we bought our first printer for our home office, we really started to learn this "course", which is usually a beautiful device that shines in the showroom of the local "big box" office supplies franchise. Your new printer initially looks very cheap and affordable, and the fact that printers are equipped with free cartridges only makes the already good deals better, right?


You will find that everyone in your family is impressed by your newly discovered print function. After you print out some Julia Child recipes, your "mass" printer freezes and suggests that you replace the cartridge. Do you really print so many pages that fast? At this point, you begin to realize that the free cartridges attached to the printer are only half full. Although you are a little annoyed, your new printer can easily go online and order cartridges for you (but of course only for the brand of the printer manufacturer). You refused, thinking you would buy cartridges at the local office supplies store. In the printer ink aisle, you will encounter a series of carefully prepared printer ink products that are suitable for competitors'printer brands, all arranged by a series of complex numbering conventions. When you start investigating, the cartridge price is almost as high as the price you initially paid for the printer.

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Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 17th Dec,2018.