Why Color Inkjet Printing Paper Is Very Different From Ordinary Paper?

- Mar 27, 2018-

Color ink-jet printing paper is very different from ordinary paper, because color ink-jet printing usually uses water-based ink, and the general paper absorbs and spreads quickly after receiving water-based ink, resulting in both color and clarity. Less than the printing requirements (the use of poor water absorption materials can not absorb ink); color ink jet printing paper is a product of deep processing of paper, it is the ordinary printing paper surface after special coating treatment, so that it can not only absorb water-based ink but also The ink droplets are not diffused to the periphery so as to completely maintain the original color and sharpness. The types and characteristics of commonly used color inkjet paper are as follows:

1, ordinary printing paper

The simplest and most common print media is none other than those special plain papers, which are the print papers that we normally use to print all kinds of text files.

2,Glossy photo paper

This glossy photo paper is mainly used to print color pictures, and it is also very suitable for making greeting cards. This kind of paper has a shiny, white surface, and should be printed on this side of the screen. The effect is excellent.

3, high-light inkjet paper

The high-light ink jet paper support is an RC (paper coated) paper base, and is suitable for image output with vivid colors and photographic images. There is a higher resolution, generally at 720dpi. The printed image is clear and bright, with good gloss, and has good lightfastness and color fastness in the room. Generally equipped with high-end inkjet printers.

4, PVC inkjet paper

PVC ink jet paper support is a composite product of plastic film and paper. It has good mechanical strength, high output image quality, good ink absorption, good indoor light resistance, and is suitable for screen output with photographic effects. At present, this kind of paper is mainly used for making cards.

5, high light inkjet paper

High-gloss ink-jet printing paper with thick paper base, photo-like gloss, paper whiteness is very high, with good ink absorption. Especially suitable for photo output and advertising display production. The output image is rich in layers and full of colors.

6, matt inkjet paper

Matte inkjet paper support is RC paper base, with medium gloss, high resolution, suitable for image output with photographic effects, full color, and good lightfastness.


Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffisy on 27 Mar,2018.