Canon Announced A Number Of New Office Products Including MF269dw,LBP161dn

- Sep 03, 2018-

Recently, Canon (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Canon (China)) announced a number of new commercial office products, including 11 A4 format black and white laser printers with toner separation technology, 2 A4 format commercial inkjet printers and 2 Professional photo scanner. The new laser products are: 6 "smart black cube" laser multifunction machine MF269dw, MF266dn, MF263dn, MF913w, MF113w, MF112, 5 laser printers LBP162dw, LBP161dn, LBP913w, LBP113w, LBP112. Two new commercial inkjet printing products include: Smart Business Fax Machine Ultimate TR4580 and Smart Business Fax Machine Utility Edition E4280. Two professional photo scanners are LiDE400 and LiDE300. Through this large-scale update of commercial office products, Canon can further meet the office needs of more SOHO and SME users in different scenarios, and bring a variety of choices to users.

The separate toner cartridge and drum unit is cost-effective.

When companies purchase printers, the cost of later use is also an important consideration, and consumables such as printing paper and toner cartridges are directly related to the cost of using the printer. Taking into account the changes in user demand, Canon introduced the toner separation technology to its popular "Smart Black Cube" laser MFP and A4 format black and white laser printer products. The 11 A4 format black and white laser printing products released this time offer separate drums and toner cartridges. After the toner cartridge is used, the user only needs to replace the new toner cartridge and can continue to use the original photosensitive drum, thus reducing the cost of consumables. At the same time, the main components of the new consumables are also reduced in size, providing more storage space for the toner, and the printing volume of the single toner cartridge is greatly increased. Taking the laser multifunction machine MF269dw as an example, the volume of new consumables is reduced by 84% compared with the previous generation, the printing volume is increased by about 70%, and the printing capacity of large-capacity toner cartridges is increased to 4,100 pages.

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