Lexmark New Universal Printer Driver Update!

- Feb 24, 2018-

Are you tired of having a continuous driver update with the printer? Proffisy Toner of course we are.

Recently Lexmark is rolling out its own universal print driver. This will allow user-friendly access on all Lexmark printer systems and can help repair the printer in the event of any problems.It reflects the printer's configuration features by updating its interface, displaying only the corresponding printer settings and features. This will limit a lot of clutter to customers as these updates do not change the way they use the printer or their familiar settings.With just one package managed, Lexmark itself will be able to fully assist their clients as everyone can use the same driver settings and be able to make and distribute updates / fixes across the board, which will help facilitate rapid And simple service. For Lexmark, this is indeed cheaper. The time it takes to install, and IT support staff to cut costs to help with any changes.

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