Why Choose Managed Print Services(MPS)?

- Oct 29, 2018-

The cost per print or "MPS" may sound confusing, but it's actually designed to make printing easier by gaining visibility and control over printing.

By paying for printing, you can optimize printer output by efficiently organizing printer locations, selecting the right machine for your job, and managing consumables and maintenance.

The printing industry accounts for 15% of corporate spending. MPS covers printer management and can cut costs by up to 30%.

However, MPS is more than just consumables and maintenance.

Many MPS companies also have the following services:

Conduct a comprehensive, positive assessment of the current printing infrastructure.

Monitor, manage, and optimize the total printout environment, regardless of printer brand, end-to-end. Continuous process improvement.

Develop a roadmap to reduce the number and type of printing equipment and supplies while meeting your company's requirements.

Proactively identify and resolve potential printing issues and replenish supplies before employees are affected.

Reduce environmental footprint by printing less paper, consuming less energy, producing less greenhouse gases, and keeping low waste levels.

Provide convenient and fast printing services for telecommuters.

Train employees to improve work efficiency.

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