Xerox Managed Print Service Ambitions Increase The Focus On Channel Partners

- Jan 16, 2018-

Xerox continues to invest in its channel strategy, which includes a focus on helping partners win more sophisticated Xerox MPS deals.

Xerox is pushing its partners in the SMB space to adopt a more mature model of managed print services.

The small and medium-sized business (SMB) market has become a major focus for Xerox in recent years, leading the vendor to up its commitment to its channel partners, which generally work in this customer segment. Xerox believes managed print services (MPS), in particular, are underpenetrated by partners in the SMB market. To help enable channel firms to capture the MPS opportunity, Xerox this year introduced several enablement initiatives, among them the Xerox MPS Accreditation Program, launched in July, which offers training, sales and assessment tools, and marketing support.

According to Jim Joyce, vice president of managed print services for Xerox's U.S. channels unit, the SMB space is "a huge market opportunity" for MPS companies. Citing previous research, he said 54% of the U.S. working population is in the SMB space, with only about 20% of the market penetrated by "true" MPS.

"We have driven more than $30 billion in MPS revenue in our company over the last 10 years in [the large business] space. So ... [looking] at the market in SMB, it is twice the size and [lightly] penetrated," Joyce said.

Many partners, however, have yet to embrace a mature Xerox MPS business model, Joyce said, which involves layering additional services and applications, such as securityand analytics, on top of a foundational MPS offering. Partners must also take more of a consultative approach, rather than transactional, toward customers. A true MPS offering should allow a channel firm to "more deeply embed themselves" in their customers' businesses, he said.

Xerox MPS: Maturation required

Additionally, the majority of Xerox partners today think of MPS in terms of a "cost-per-click" model, which "really misses the mark," he said. Joyce said some partners are now shifting to more progressive models, such as "cost per user" or "cost per seat," per month, where customers are given a flat rate for everything they print. He said the SMB space welcomes this kind of predictable model, because it allows them to better control and manage costs.


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